Political group the Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF) made the following statement about Mike Rounds, the liberal Republican candidate running for U.S. Senate in South Dakota. (I added the bold and italics).

But first, here is their disclaimer:

The Senate Conservatives Fund is a grassroots organization that works to elect principled leaders to the U.S. Senate. SCF members in South Dakota do not support Mike Rounds and want to elect someone who shares their values.

Begs the question, "Who are the South Dakota members?"

The media release I received came from Alexandria, Virginia, not Alexandria, South Dakota. The subject matter deals with the Senate passage and Mike Round's support of the Immigration reform bill:

Mike Rounds is trying to hide his pro-amnesty record by pretending to oppose the Senate's immigration bill, but he co-signed a report in February endorsing the same misguided policies.

Said SCF Executive Director Matt Hoskins:

That's why his immigration task force welcomed the bill's passage in the Senate. Mike Rounds now says he wants the border fence built before amnesty, but the report he signed earlier this year didn't call for more fencing and it didn't say border security must be improved first. These are brand new positions he has made up to hide his liberal
record, and voters deserve to know the truth.


The media release continues with one more quote from Matt Hoskins:

Mike Rounds co-chaired an immigration task force with Mayor Richard Daley that called for legalization and a path to citizenship. That's a fact and it's something he will have to explain in this campaign.

A report released on February 28, 2013 by the Immigration Task Force of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs (http://midwestimmigration.org/the-report) , co-chaired by Mike Rounds, called for "legalization" of immigrants who unlawfully entered the country and a "path to citizenship", which would have the effect of providing greater access to taxpayer-funded benefits and the ability to vote. Mike Rounds brags about his role on the Council's immigration task force on his campaign website (https://roundsforsenate.com/about/biography) .

This release deserves comments before being sent to the trash bin. First, the immigration issues is complex. A path to citizenship seems like a much better solution than people continuing to live in the shadows. Also, deporting nearly 11 million people would be an insurmountable challenge.

Second, the immigration bill was modified several times as a vote approached. It is possible some of those changes caused a change of opinion. Mike Rounds is not the first person seeking higher public office to say one thing on Monday and something else on Tuesday.

Finally, no other republican candidate -- conservative or liberal -- has come forward to challenge Mike Rounds.

The media release from the Senate Conservatives Fund based in Alexandria, Virginia, accomplished nothing in South Dakota. Maybe the person in charge of that group gets a bonus for each media release he sends out  bashing folks slightly to the left of his group.

Mike Rounds has an established record in South Dakota, and most South Dakotans wouldn't use the word "liberal"  to describe it.