The Red Cross has been helping a large number of families recently, from the Valahalla Boulevard apartment fire, and home fire on South Gary Avenue.  Local hotels have graciously contact the Red Cross to offer free hotel rooms for several displaced occupants for up to five day.

The Red Cross assistance for those in recent fires has not diminished their long term support of families in Delmont and their recovery from the May 10th, 2015. tornado.

Brian Shawn of the Red Cross says the process has changed since the day the tornado ripped through town, with an emergency response team responding the same day as the tornado to 16,000 meals and snacks serving families and volunteers. Assistance now in Delmont continues with ongoing contact and support for families including emotional support, sorting out steps for recovery and getting life to a new sense of normal.

From last year’s Wessington Springs tornado to recent single home disasters within the last 48 hours, they operate on donations. Find out more at Red cross dot org. You can also text 90999 to make a ten dollar donation or call 1-800-Red Cross