I stumbled on something that made my belly feel good yesterday.  And then again today.  It was a photo that was going viral with over 1 million hits.  Here's the story from the mystery photographer:

I was sitting next to this couple at Starbucks this morning, this man John was teaching Linda the alphabet. He told us that she lost her memory and was re-learning how to read. Patience, love, and understanding at it's finest.

Reddit user Show3 downloaded the photo.  Many users on Reddit and Imgur, where the photo was uploaded said that the picture has deeply moved them.  Understandably so.

In the story on Huffington Post it was thought:

that the woman in the photo had perhaps lost the ability to read due to a stroke or dementia


That, boys and girls...ladies and gentlemen is one picture of 'Love'!

Efforts have been made to contact the photographer.  To this point they have been unsuccessful.