You might say, it just, happened.  We have two cats in our home that allow the rest of us to 'live with them.'

Let me give you an update.  Tillie was the runtiest of runts we found living under the deck of the house when we initially moved in.  Evidently her mamma got hungry enough to come out one day and when she did, out they came.  One by one they emerged from under our front deck as my wife and kids watched on in amazement.  Tillie, was the runtiest of the bunch. My wife thought we needed to keep her.  Hey, when Mamma ain't happy---so we did.

Two years later a co-worker (you guessed it 'of my wife) had a cat she 'desperately needed to get rid of.:  She's the grey cat pictured above.  Oh, we 'had to keep her too.'  Her name is 'Misty,' which is German-Norwegian for 'seed of the devil.'

Tillie just eats and sleeps and watches people watch tv while Misty is the troubled teen with an attitude of the household who likes to tip things over and terrorize the dog.

It's pretty amazing how unique and individual cats can be.  They are complex 'troubled souls,' if you ask me. I am aware that if one takes the time to watch them, they're a good 'time kill.'

Like most cats, ours do some pretty strange stuff.  Some of the things they do are like the 'stars of this video.'  Hope you enjoy. I sure did.