Due to the wet weather, the races at Huset's have been cancelled tonight.  They are back on track with a big double header Memorial Day weekend.


Sure, the grass is greening up and that is a sure fire sign that summer is on the way.  One other way to tell is 'it's time to go racing.'

When I lived on South Lowell here in Sioux Falls my neighbor across the street (Rich Williamson) used to always go to the races on Sunday nights.  I'd walk across the street and we'd talk about who did what racing that night.

I lived next to another guy named Roger who's wife Coleen used to always tell stories about how another racer, Greg Bakker, used to hang out at their house a lot when he was growing up.  I'll never forget the day I was standing by a bush and she said, the boys used to ramp their bikes right over that bush where you're standing.

I guess it's in  your blood.  Going fast.  Racing.  Getting a little dirt in your teeth on a Sunday night.

Around these parts it's more than tradition.  It's a way of life.  Just like the farm/ranchers have horses and livestock, some of the city folks have a race car out in the garage.

Tell me, is there anything cooler in the world than the sound of someone tuning a race car in the garage on a hot summer night?  You can just about hear a father and son talking about 'tweeking and fixing' so they can go faster.

There is one thing more fun.  That's going to the races and watching them run.

Huset's is just one of the tracks that's 'firing 'em up at,' this weekend.

Mark Dobmier will be down from North Dakota.  Terry McCarl  who is one of the best at his craft you'll find anywhere in the world will be back in the bull ring plus many others.

Thanks to Doug Johnson, (the best race car driver photographer in the region) for the pic. Pictured above is Dylan Peterson - a second generation racer who races 360 sprints and midgets.

Oh, and shout out up above to Rich and Roger, two of my favorite people I've ever met.  They both passed away, but I have a feeling they'll both be sitting somewhere in the stands watching and loving the races again this weekend.