In advance of the snow arriving in Sioux Falls, Gaylynn Huber of the city's street department says chemicals are being applied to the streets early Thursday morning.

Huber tells KSOO Radio:  "We've had crews out since midnight.  Right now, the crews are putting chemicals down.  We want to make sure the emergency routes are really good during the rush hour traffic.  It takes us anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours to get all the emergency routes."

Huber says with this type of snow, and with the amount decreasing, it is possible to melt the snow rather than having to do any kind of pushing the snow.  "I don't want to push this snow on top of tree branches.  It was hard enough to pull them out of the snow last week."

Cleanup continues from last week's storm that downed or damaged thousands of trees in Sioux Falls.