At Kickin' Country, we know how people 'like' to belong to a group!  That's why when our Manager, 'Jake' came up with this idea we said, 'SURE!'

We know people like to belong to groups and organizations.  Especially those that have Facebook as part of their lives.  So, we decided to put together, what we think would be 'the largest group of people to ever win the Power Ball Lottery!'

So, if we did hit a winner, in the 105 PowerBall Mega Play tickets that Jake bought for us today...if we cap it off at the first 8000 people, that would still mean about $50,000 for each of us!

I'm on the list?  Are you? The tickets have been bought.  It won't cost you anything, but a click!  Simply LIKE Kickin' Country on our Facebook and your automatically in.

Must be 21 in order to win. (But don't worry, you can have Mom and Dad and other relatives get in the winning, we're sure they'll share with you.)

Here's the neat thing, what if 5 people in your family already like KIKNCountry on Facebook.  That's right!  You could be splitting $250,000.

But it's only for the first 8000 likes on our Facebook page.  So get clickin' with Kickin' and who knows!  We could all be big winners come Thursday morning with the Big Breakfast!

(Staff and management reserve the right to add more people to the party! But hey, let's see how many new likes we get overnight!)

We'll split it if we win the Jackpot.  If we win a smaller amount, we'll either roll it into the next lottery, or donate 'all' the winnings off these 105 tickets to a local charity.

We'll either win the big one, all together, roll our small winnings into the next jackpot, or donate to a charity.  Either way, we'll do it together!  It's more fun that way!