It's time! Time to get your containers out from the garage or basement, wash them with a bleach solution, and get ready to plant. Here in South Dakota, you'll probably have to wait until the middle of May to put them outdoors, but your planning can start now. Spring annuals, perennials, and grasses are stocked and waiting for you.

Containers offer interest to any area that they're placed in. Whether entryway, patio, or deck the design of your home is enhanced. If you live in a townhome or apartment,  balcony railings hold window boxes that can be planted with draping vines or kitchen herbs.

Containers come in various sizes and materials. The choice of cement, terracotta, resin, or bamboo is up to you. Unique containers can be anything from vintage watering can, a bicycle basket, or a pair of rain boots.

Plant colors can be vibrant with reds, oranges, and yellows. Or monochromatic with combinations of pale green, white, and silver. Don't be afraid to color up a shady spot with a pot of coleus. While containers of spikes and geraniums offer a tradional look, grasses and succulents are interesting options. And tomatoes are becoming quite the popular patio plant!

Debbie Graham/Results Radio

Choose plants with the same sun or shade and watering requirement. Specifically designed potting mix will include fertilizer and water retention benefits while being light enough for plant growth.

Whether you garden alone or with a buddy, grab a container and pot up some Spring!