When I grew up things were a little bit different.  It started in kindergarten with Mrs. Aamot.  Then on to first grade with Mrs. Swensen.

In Kennebec, South Dakota when we started our school day we started it with the Pledge of Allegiance. Every day.  We would line our little toes up on a line in the tiles of the floor and fire that pledge off like soldiers.  You know what?  It meant something too.

That's why when I read the post on our Facebook from Dan I first thought, "well, there's an interesting little something we can click "like" on!"  His comment was simple.

Simply put, it was one of our most "liked" posts on Facebook ever!  There's one thing we've come to realize over the years of talking to you and with you here at Kickin' Country.  You get the American Flag.  You get The Pledge of Allegiance and What it Stands For.

Many of you have either served our country or have a young son or daughter who has too.  I've seen the look of pride in your face at parades and games when the flag is presented.  I'm gonna' make a statement that I'll bet is true.  I'll bet more than a couple of you haired up on the back of your neck when you saw that "like" button and thought for one time I wish that "like" button said, Heck Yeah!

So, did I miss anything or leave anything out?  If I did, you've got your space to leave your comment right below.  I'd love to hear from you.   (Next time maybe we'll talk about the words "under God".)  That might rile things up a bit.

My Grandma Minnie taught me the pledge so I would know it before I went to Kindergarten. She used to say, when it comes to The Pledge of Allegiance,  "Red Skelton said it best." How could I argue with that.