Some very sneaky flamingos have made their way here! And they're here for good reason!

They serve as a purpose for the Our Redeemer Lutheran Church Youth as a fundraiser for the 2016 National Youth Gathering in New Orleans, LA.

If the flamingos migrate to your yard it is because a friend of yours paid us to place

Pic by JD Collins/KIKN-FM/Sprint Sioux Falls

these pink creatures in your yard. This flocking is done in good spirits and is not meant to be mean. They will stay on your yard for a day until they mysteriously migrate to another friend's (victim's) yard.

If you would like to specify the next victim, all we ask is a small donation to our group. Of course, the removal of these flamingos will be done at no charge, so please don't hurt our pink feathered friends. Again, thank you for your sense of humor and your support.

Name of Group: Our Redeemer Lutheran Church Youth
Contact Name: Heather Miller
Phone Number: 605-359-7825

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Pic by JD Collins-KIKN-FM/Sprint Sioux Falls