I've been following Piers Morgan on Twitter for some time now.  Let me start with, I think I like the guy.  I know he's very articulate and talented.  Lately, he's been talking Gun Control a bunch.  He's on it all the time. Here's the tweet that 'caught my attention.'
Piers Morgan @piersmorgan

Nobody has given me a single good reason why AR-15s have any use other than rapid-fire mass killing. Because there isn't one.


Piers, 'On The Other Hand'.....The other guys-sometimes known as 'the bad guys' -already have them.

On The Other Hand, might you question your strategy, should 'God forbid,' you or someone from your family was ever confronted by 'someone carrying real fire power.'

IF, it got messy and you were in the middle of it, a law or an ideal might not be enough to protect you and your family.  That might not... that what if, is what your are up against.  I don't believe it's 'the actual weapons,' you're up against.

The weapons/firearms you talk about are here.  So are rocks and baseball bats.

That leaves us the ugliest of ugly thoughts.  If the government decides to 'take assault rifles,'  things will really get interesting when they determine 'how to take them.'