I have to hand it to our Kickin' Country listeners.  Many of them think, 'just like us.' Which is pretty scarey when you think about it.  Today on our Facebook page, I saw a post from Greg Machmiller who obviously had a little bit too much caffeine before bedtime and started thinking.  He said in his post:

It's been raining so much lately that I am sure the rain forest is moving north. Probably due to global warming. So I am going to restart the Eastern South Dakota/Western Iowa Banana Belt. I am planting one of these banana plants and sending one to Iowa with a co-worker to establish the eastern end of the belt.

This is the stuff we love to see and love to share.  What are you thinking about.  As you can tell it can be pretty random STUFF.  We like to hear your 'slant, lean and feel,' when it comes to the world.  Tell your friends to 'join in.'  Like us on Facebook-Follow us on Twitter.

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