If you've ever been a pheasant hunter you know the feeling.  You've made a good shot and you've found your bird!  Congratulations!  It's not easy and it's quite an accomplishment.

It really is a great time of year.  The leaves are falling.  Temperatures falling.  Fall is a favorite season for many people around Kickin' Country and one of the reasons it is looked upon so fondly is it means it's time for pheasant hunting.

For so many people of South Dakota, pheasant hunting means a time for getting outside with friends they haven't seen for a while and getting together for post hunt feasts that would put any Christmas or New Years celebration to shame.

Pheasant hunting season also represents a lot of what's good about South Dakota.  We have abundant natural resources and mother nature and our area farmers have provided the pheasants with good habitat year after year.

As this is being typed, hunter orange is being bought.  Hunting dogs are being exercised and hunters like myself are already in the field in their mind.  All across South Dakota, licenses are being bought, ammo secured for the hunt and most of all dollars are being spent. In fact I'll be at Scheel's in Sioux Falls for a remote broadcast next Friday from 11a.m. to 1:00 p.m. talking pheasants!

If you're coming to South Dakota for a hunt this year, welcome to our state.  It's been a very dry year so make sure you discuss fire safety with landowners before taking the field.    Most of all enjoy!  Enjoy the walk. Enjoy the sore muscles a long day in the field will surely bring.  Enjoy the time outside, in God's Country!  Welcome to South Dakota and remember to hunt safe!