Many families are getting together and putting the finishing touches on their Easter feast set for Sunday afternoon.  Many of those people are making hard boiled eggs for their kids to color or to use as ingredients in a potato salad.  If you've struggled with making the perfect hard boiled egg, here's how.

Put your eggs in a pan of cold water.  Bring that water to 'just a boil'.  Really, you don't have to boil them that long.

After the water comes to a slight boil, pull the eggs off the burner, put a lid on it and let it sit for 10-11 minutes.  Then rinse them in cold water to keep them from 'over cooking' and your done.

Don't believe it, take one or two and try it first.  You'll be happy with the results.

If your coloring eggs, or just lining up stuff for the first potato salad of the year give this a try.  And that, ladies and gentlemen is my Suzie Homemaker tip of the day.