Help me raise $1500 for Special Olympics!  Donate here!

Are you ready to get cold and wet? For a good cause? Don't miss Freezin' for a Reason!  It's the Parkston, SD event to raise money for Special Olympics!  The event is Saturday, January 18th on Main Street Parkston Next to Boog's and Company!

Registration is from 12:00 pm-1:00 pm.  Bring your pledges and let's rock!

Last year I told Melissa Byykkonen  that I would make it over to Parkston for their fundraiser for South Dakota Special Olympics. I had a last minute remote come up and couldn't make it.  Melissa started in on me again this last summer.  Early! She came up and asked me about it at Dakota Fest in Mitchell.  I couldn't turn her down!

Yes, I've agreed to jump into the frigid water in Parkston, South Dakota. But yes, there is a catch. I want to raise at least $1500 for Special Olympics. I will have the EVENT recorded on Video and we will post that video here on our web-site!

I also put out a challenge!  Mix 97-3!  Ben Davis, can you do it?  Johnny from Hot 104.7?  You in?!  How about the crew from some of the Mitchell Radio Stations.  Let's raise a boat load of money for South Dakota Special Olympics!

It's easy for you to donate, but you have to do it for Team Jumpin' JD!  We have all the details for you here!

Make sure to put the date on your calender.