Well, the people of Parkston, South Dakota know one thing for sure now. When it comes to getting dry fast, JD Collins will show no shame! I came, 'they saw,' I jumped.

We'll get to that here in a bit.  I'd like to thank Melissa and Amy from Parkston for inviting me over for the Polar Plunge for South Dakota Special Olympics! I had a blast. Actually it was an Arctic Chill.

Pic by Sprint Sioux Falls

Our team of jumpers was with the Wizzard of Oz.  I was the 'Good Something.' I say that because honestly I don't remember. I was so 'wigged out,' from having to jump into freezing water on a windy cold day that I must have blanked a lot of this traumatic experience out of my brain.  I know that I jumped with a great cast of jumpers though.

We had a blast dressing up and jumping in to raise money for South Dakota Special Olympics.

Pic by Sprint Sioux Falls

Understand that I'm obviously not the fittest person on the planet. But I knew that the less I had on, the faster I would dry off and be able to warm up. I don't know if I learned that from watching Survivor Man on TV or from one of the locals who claimed it was true. All I know is that I did dry off quickly and to tell you the truth it was refreshing.

I know that they were able to raise over $20,000 last year for Special Olympics and they hoped to raise even more this year.  Thanks to the people at Boog's Bar on Mainstreet Parkston.  They had a great spread of food before and after the event.

Oh, and special thanks to the guy who offered a 'pull' of a freshly opened bottle of Root Beer Schnapps.  It might have been 'just the right push' I needed to do something like this in the January weather of South Dakota!  And THANK YOU to all who donated to our jump!  I think we raised right at $1000 for our team alone!

Pic by Sprint Sioux Falls