This was an education for me.  If you wear contact lenses like I do, be sure to clean and change them regularly.

A Florida teenager, Ashley Hyde, nearly went blind from an infection in her eye.  Doctors didn't know what to think at first when they saw her very red eyes and blurred vision. They finally realized she had contracted an acanthamoeba infection in her left eye. This was caused because she failed to change her contact lenses frequently.

These microscopic parasites are normally found in dirt and soil, but they went literally into her eyeball. Doctors had to operate to save Ashley's vision. “They did multiple cultures where they scrape your eye. One time, they had to drill into my eye. It was really nasty.”

Centers for Disease Control says that, “Most people will be exposed to acanthamoeba during their lifetime, but very few will become sick from this exposure.” Optometric physician Dr Adam Clarin said this story should give good reason to change your contact lenses every day. Clarin explains, “”Every day, we see people come in with contact lens related to infections, complications, ulcers. These are all things that are potentially blinding.”