Gotta love this.  These 'experts,' the 'researchers' these 'professionals,' found/discovered what turned out to be 'the OLDEST LIVING ANIMAL EVER...and then proceeded to 'KILL IT."

Don't get me wrong, I'm not beating the drum on these folks here.  After all, stuff happens.  Especially, when you can tell HOW OLD this MING, yep, they named it Clam Was.

Turns out 'Ming was thought to be about 405 years old when it was discovered in Iceland in 2006.  Turns out they used a different method of determining it's age (not like a horse and checking it's teeth) but some new fangeled method and Mig was actually about 507 years old. According to,

That means the mollusk made its way into the world around 1499, which explains how it got its posthumous name (Ming was the Chinese dynasty in power when the clam was born).

So, what happened to Ming?  Well, he went to 'that big clam bake in the sky when these PROS opened him up.

MSNNow went on to say,

Unfortunately, Ming's life came to an unglamorous end when it was opened up for scrutiny the first time around — a move researchers wouldn't have made if they had suspected how old it really was. "We got [the age] wrong the first time, and maybe we were a bit hasty publishing our findings back then," ocean scientist Paul Butler told ScienceNordic. We don't think the newly discovered discrepancy makes a difference to Ming now, but thanks for coming clean

This whole story reminds me somehow about the show 'The Big Bang Theory.'  Talking of course about an episode when Sheldon couldn't wait to open a gift that Penny had bought him.  He had a recurring dream that made him open and consequently damage the toy.

Come to think of it, I probably would have done the same thing!  What do you think you would have done.  Let it live?  Or find out how old Ming was!