From the makers of North Korean propaganda, comes another release.  This one showing Washington, D.C. in flames!

This comes again on the heels of sanctions imposed upon North Korea for conducting nuclear tests.  The country has threatened to reserve its right to a preemptive nuclear strike against South Korea and the United States.

The video, called Firestorms Will Rain On The Headquarters Of War. was posted this week on the YouTube channel of North Korea's official website,  Uriminzokkiri.

The video portrays the U.S. as a bullying nuclear power intent on bending North Korea to its will. It also shows cross hairs on the White House and an animation of the dome of the U.S. Capitol exploding in flames. "Second by second the fuse of nuclear war is burning," the female narrator intones. The narrator also says, "there is no limit to the range of our strategic rockets."

Although experts say North Korea is years away from a missile that could strike the U.S., Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has responded with plans to boost U.S. defenses on the west coast.