Now what are we gonna do. I haven't felt like this since I was 16.  You know, when you had plans to do something with friends then something changed and the plans got tossed out the window?  It's kinda like you were going to go out with friends and you got stuck at home with the family playing pitch with Grandpa and Grandma.

Not that there's anything wrong with playing pitch with the family.  It's just we looked so forward for so long to see Rascal Flatts and The Band Perry tonight in Sioux City.  Some people had rooms booked.  Designated drivers assigned.  But you know what?  Life happens.  People get sick.  Things we look forward to get changed.

Dan Collins had posted on our Facebook this morning that there was going to be a party at my place tonight as replacement for the concert.  There were some pretty funny comments people attached.    Check them out.

Then, I saw the post!

  • KIKN 100.5 I just saw this!!!! Hey, I think my wife has knitting. We could surprise her with about 149 cars outside the house...heck it's gonna be in the 30's...we could play some bean bag, eat some steak and tell some lies!
  • Tisha Navin When she walks in... "surprise" it's bound to be close to an anniversary or birthday...

Then I got to thinking Tisha, if that happened and if she walked in, to take a line from The Band Perry, You Better Dig Two.  One for me and one for you.

Hey, we'll adjust!  And we hope Rascal Flatts and everyone is feeling better soon. This flu that's going on is Tough!

That being said, we now have a new 'date' to look forward to.  August 18th.