I was in my hometown of Kennebec, SD  this past weekend and ran across some folks I hadn't seen in a while.  The couple I talked to are ones that I've known since, well, forever!  I was going to ask about their son Randy and how he was doing and talk about his photography but we got sidetracked and I didn't ask about him.

Randy is one of those quite people who if you didn't know him might surprise you with his eye for the world and unique photography skill.  Randy has drawn the attention of MAJOR magazines and websites world wide with his work.  In short, it's crazy-good-amazing!

A good photographer can "take you there"  Click on the video and take a ride through the night skies of central South Dakota as captured beautifully by Randy Halverson.

To see more go to Dakotalapse.com

I was just e-mailing back and forth with Randy.  He said check out Temporal Distortion. He thinks it's his best work and told me:

I'm using music from Bear McCreary.  He scored the music for it. He also does music for The Walking Dead and  Battlestar Galactica.