Let's not call it "mother of all hockey fights" but these goalies clearly have very little love for each other.

The match between the Buffalo Sabres and the Toronto Maple Leafs Sunday night was anything but tame. Let's just say the goalies Ryan Miller and Jonathan Bernier will not be enjoying Thanksgiving dinner together.

Opinions varied greatly below the posting of the video on Youtube:

Let's face facts: If Scott would have gotten any in on Kessel he probably would have knocked him out and seriously injured him. Kessel is not a fighter and never has been. All the slashes with his stick weren't exactly heroic, but personally I don't blame him for using the wood. This isn't a hockey scrap, this is John Scott trying to crush Kessel and Phil reacted in the same way you would if you were getting jumped on the street. Big John Scott was trying to crush Kessel, not have a fair fight."


See...THIS is what NHL 14 is missing!