There's something about the end of the year and the beginning of another.  Many like to look back, but I find myself looking forward this year.

While I was looking forward I stumbled upon a couple of songs that caught my attention. Whether or not they resonate with Country Radio  I found them interesting.

The first cut is from a band called Mumford and Sons.  They are actually an English Folk Band.  That sounds like the right moniker for them, but their music is interesting. And there's something about that banjo that makes it authentic. And there's something about the lyric that makes it country.  I know one thing....I love the video and the song makes my belly feel good!

The other song that caught my attention is a collaberation between Pat Monahan and Train with Ashley Monroe. Ashley is hardly a newcomer to country music. She's a member of the Piston Annies  and has been working the Nashville scene for about 10 years. She has a song called Like a Rose that is due for release sometime in 2013  but it was the song with Train that caught my ear this morning.

The neat thing about 'stumbling' on these two songs, these unusual songs that do ring country with me is their tie to the storied Red Rocks Amphitheater.

I don't know why I clicked on the two songs.  I don't know IF they'll be hits but I love the fact they are worlds apart yet tied together by a place.

Happy 2013!