There is only one thing worse than having to get up early in the morning to go to work, and that is going to work with the feeling that the bottom of your career is about to fall out from under you.

Fortunately, it appears as if the majority of the population is not worried about something like that happening in their current position.

New research has found that most Americans are feeling secure in their jobs.

In fact, a whopping 80 percent of them say they have no reason to think that they might lose their jobs sometime within the next three months, according to a recent survey from the folks at Country Financial.

That’s up nine percent from 2009, when the economy put the heat on both blue- and white-collar workers all across the US.

According to the survey, those people still concerned about job security appear to be those on the lower spectrum of the pay scale, as 13 percent of people earning salaries between $20,000-$40,000 per year strongly feel like they could be laid off within the next 90 days.

While some of those who fall into that range are not very optimistic about getting a raise anytime soon, 19 percent of them say they will likely be earning  more  money within the next year. Thirty-six percent of all respondents across the board agreed.

Financial experts say that while it can be difficult for employees living paycheck to paycheck to set aside emergency savings, having some room to breathe financially is a crucial element in job security.

The survey found that 53 percent of American workers need six months or more salary put away in savings to feel a true sense of job security.