One of the better country shows I've ever seen was Lonestar.  Both here in Sioux Falls at the Sioux Empire Fair but in Kansas City at the George Strait Country Music Festival about 9 years ago.  Or was it 10?  That's why I was pumped to see this today!

Just in time for the band's 20th anniversary, Lonestar's new album, Life As We Know It will hit stores June 4. The new set of tunes mark the lauded group's first full-length album in more than three years and the first since the return of original lead singer, Richie McDonald. The project's current single is "Maybe Someday."


I've been playing country music on the radio for decades.  I still can't understand why when you take a guy like Richie McDonald who is a great vocalist and writer and send him out on his own, he doesn't sound the same.  Richie, you sound so in the right place with the Lonestar crew.

Check out the 'lyric video' of the new song.  Clever idea with the boxes too.  I love the song.