You might have caught the song earlier today on Kickin' Country. 'Wanted Me Gone,' by Josh Thompson. It caught our ears the minute we peeled the plastic off and put it on the turntable. (Whoops, wrong decade) It caught our attention when we clicked download. When we did, our world were pleasantly 'blown away!'

Clever, cool, catchy and Kickin'. In a country music world that's plenty populated with tailgates and pasture parties, Thompson decided to keep it Country Real,

I put the good in front of bye, y'all
Put a hole in the drywall
Put the pedal to the firewall and I was gone
Met the boys at the starlight
Tried to drink a hundred Bud Lights
Lost count around midnight
But you got what you wanted baby
Yeah, you…

Thompson is well known for 'play it loud,' 'travelin' music.' Wanted me gone makes me lonesome for a long stretch of pavement and no time frame to get there.

Listen to Kickin' Country. You'll see what we mean. Wanted Me Gone sounds like big summer stuff to us!

Feeling lucky? Check it out on I-tunes and get a copy for yourself.