I remember hearing Dan Collins talking to Keith Urban on the phone.  This was years ago.  The window on the Kickin' studio was open, I was sitting in the car listening to Kickin' Country and Keith was calling in.  Talking to the Big Breakfast.

I couldn't help but thinking as I listened to their show that day I thought, 'this guy is talented and personable, he might be big some day.'

It's funny how things work in Country Music.  And it's fun to watch how artists evolve and develop into stars.

Later on I marveled at Urban's ability to write and perform about 'real country' ideals and 'attitudes.'  Judging by a quick listen to his new song 'A Little Bit Of Everything,' he still has what it takes!  Listen to a sample of Keith's new song here! And listen for it on Kickin' Country!