I love the stories of country music.  And I love 'where those stories come from.'

The new song from Darius Rucker , isn't a new song!  It's one that you have probably heard before.  The name of the song is 'Wagon Wheel', which is an 'Old Crow Medicine Show' song (written by Bob Dylan)

I love country music because they come up with the songs...or a reason to actually record on their own project in such different ways.

As it turns out Darius was at a high school talent show his 17 year old daughter Carey was in and the faculty gets up and starts performing the song,  Wagon Wheel.  Darius is sitting there watching the audience find a groove and he decides to record the show. According to The Boot:

I'm sitting in the audience, and they get to the middle of the chorus, and I turned to my wife, and I go, 'I've got to cut this song.' I'm serious. This all happened in three-and-a-half minutes, four minutes, while they're playing

the song."


But wait, there's more!  Darius said to himself, we're going to need some extra voices on the song so he called up some good friends:

"I asked Lady Antebellum if they would come in and sing on it with me," he explains to The Boot. "I called up Charles [Kelley] and he said yes, and then a couple day later I ran into Dave [Haywood] and Hillary [Scott] at a concert and mentioned it to them and they said sure. Two days later they were in the studio doing it. That would never happen in pop music .


Thanks to 'The Boot' for the story.  Thanks to Darius for having the foresight  to record the song.  Oh, and the story?  Yes, Darius for recording the song, but most of all thanks for 'the story'.  We've said it for years, country music is special...because of the stories. Click play and listen to Wagon Wheel right here!