These days it seems like there's a list for everything. I mean everything.

Best movie? Worst movie? Top vacation spot? Vacation spot that's most overrated? The best color? The worst? And on and on and on and on.

Least, most, fattest, thinnest, most beautiful, ugliest.

Well, everyone has their opinion and now (I'm thinking that maybe they, us, love exploring) has named the Most Adorable Small Town in each state, including South Dakota.

Now I'm not getting into this discussion (fight?). I have the great pleasure of living all over the state of South Dakota in the past 4+ decades, both small towns and big towns. I've like them all and found all of them adorable. Naming the most adorable?

Nope, not me.

But these folks took the plunge.

This is the small town in South Dakota they named most adorable. So now it's up to you...agree? Disagree? So you tell me...

What is the most adorable small town in the great state of South Dakota?

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