I just received this in the mail.  National FFA Week is February 16th-23rd.  This is a great opportunity to recognize and support the importance of agriculture, South Dakota's #1 industry, in our future.

South Dakota  has nearly 6,000 students enrolled in ag education nearly 4,000 also active in FFA.  What we would like to do, is offer a big Kickin' Country Salute to you and your families!

Last year, we teamed up with Swenson Investments and Commodities and recording artist Steve Azar with the song The American Farmer.  We raised a ton of money for the FFA.  This year, we want to see what you're up to!

Get involved and let Kickin' Country know what your up to.  Shoot me a quick e-mail with a paragraph or so, (it doesn't have to be newspaper quality) and tell me what your local chapter is up to.  Then, we'll feature your local FFA Chapter for the day on our web-site and talk about you on the air-waves here at Kickin' Country.

We know you're up to GOOD and very involved in feeding the world.  Spread a little bit of what your local chapter is up to with us...and we'll share it with the rest of Kickin' Country.

Get creative!  Maybe you could send a video!  Also welcome are pics, a line or two of what your local FFA Chapter is up to!

Click the player below to listen to a message from Ashley Tonak!