You see it in the newspaper.  Front and center.  You see it on the TV front and center.  It seems like everyone is ready to start some sort of diet or new fitness regime since we've started a new year.  The question is how about you?

My weight is on my mind every day.  As many of you know, I lost a little over 50 pounds 3 years ago.  I was tired of wearing 38 inch pants that were too tight. I was tired of being winded when I got to the top of the stairs. One flight! I was tired of being tired.

Now, the hard part is keeping the weight off. I have about 8 to 10 pounds I need to ditch! I do have some ideas and a plan! They aren't my ideas but they are ideas that do seem to work. For me any way.

1. Weigh yourself every day.  This isn't always the best idea when your ON a diet but when your trying to maintain it's like this:  The scale don't lie!  I try to weigh the same time every day.  Right before I jump in the shower after I exercise.  I do this for a couple of reasons. #1 your always at your lightest weight of the day and #2 I need that mental boost from the low number.

2. Exercise first.  If I get it out of the way it gives me a boost. Yes it gives you energy for the day. It's also nice knowing you don't have to squeeze in a run before you head home for the day.

3. Have a beginning and have an end. What I mean is, if your dieting to lose weight, diet to lose weight. Have a goal. Keep it reasonable. Too high of a number and you'll quit cause you're not getting anywhere. I like to REALLY watch carbohydrate inputs. Yes you're going to need energy to exercise but most people eat WAY to many.  Protein WILL make you feel fuller so if you like to eat toast in the morning peanut butter is a great addition. Whole wheat bread only. (I also like to use protein supplements, they're quick and easy)

4. Drink Water!  Nothing else. No diet sodas. Even diet soda turns on my 'hungry in 30 minute switch' and I don't want that playing against me. Drink a LOT of water. If your not headed to the restroom once an hour you're not drinking enough.

5. Don't listen! Your friends and family WILL be your biggest detractors. If you're going to diet and work out, don't do it for them, don't do it for your kids. Be selfish and do this one thing for yourself.

6. It's your time! The time you work out needs to be the ONE thing you do for YOURSELF today. Treat it like your going to the spa. Treat it like it's a treat for yourself. It's YOUR special time.

7. Write it down. Really, we could talk about this the whole story, but write it down. You would be surprised WHAT you put in your mouth every day.  I do it all the time, if I don't think about it I call myself MR SHOVEL! Write it down.  Like the scale it's another way of being accountable. IF you have a good week, you can look back and see why!

8. Treat yourself. If you've had a good couple of days, buy a cup of black coffee at Starbucks. That's what I do. We live in such a 'please reward me' world you have to reward yourself for a success. (Chocolate cake, not such a good idea.)

9. Keep it reasonable. If you have 100 pounds to lose, it's gonna take time. But today's a good day to get started.

10. Discipline. Really do it if your going to.  Really do it if you want it.  I have a couple of quotes that keep me going.  The main one is, 'Show me your habits, I'll show you your future!' Start small, but stay positive, and yes it will take some discipline. But keep it on your mind. Another quote, we become what we think about. It will take work, yes. Is it worth it in the end? Yes!

This works for me. It might not for you. But it works for me. I will guarantee you one thing though. If you're overweight like I have been, stay with it. There will be distractions and detractors. Do it for you and you only.

If you've lost weight, I'd love to hear what you do to get it off and keep it off!