Police say two people were arrested on Friday in Sioux Falls in an incident that involved two girls, seven and nine years old.

Information Officer Sam Clemens says the case involves a man and woman who live in the 1300 block of West 22nd Street. He says a grandmother dropped off the woman's two daughters for a visit around 6:30 pm, but she was bothered by the woman's behavior so she returned 20 to 30 minutes later to find one girl crying outside the building, the other crying in a bedroom and their mother unresponsive on the floor.

"[The grandmother] grabbed the two girls and went outside and called police. When the officers talked to the 9-year-old [she] said that at some point mom's had boyfriend had grabbed a steak knife and threatened [the 9-year-old] with a steak knife. Apparently he was missing some pills and thought she might have done something with those. She really didn't know what he was talking about at all."

Clemens says police found a small amount of marijuana in the apartment, and the mother and her boyfriend were arrested. He says 31-year-old William Louis Walden and 32-year-old Barbara Ruth Howard were both arrested for contributing to the delinquency of a minor, ingesting and possession of marijuana and paraphernalia, and Walden also was charged with aggravated assault.