Chris Vinson with Plains Commerce Bank talks on Radio

There’s nothing like waking up to another beautiful fall morning.  The leaves are changing colors and falling.  People are walking with a quick step getting things ready to go for the upcoming winter months.  Here’s one ‘task’ to put on your to do list that could save you thousands of dollars in the years to come.  Call Plains Commerce Bank.

We found out about something new Monday morning at Plains Commerce Bank.  It’s called a 12 month Lock.  With the 12 month lock they can ‘lock and guarantee’ your interest rate for a full 12 months.  If you were thinking about building in the spring you can ‘lock’ in at today’s low rate. 

With every Mortgage Monday you can take advantage of this offer and more.  Whether you’re buying, building or refinancing or remodeling you will receive a $500 dollar MasterCard gift card at closing.  

Plains Commerce Bank will make it quick and easy.  They have the experience and the reputation for doing it right. 

Tammy from The Big Breakfast will be at Plains Commerce Bank Monday afternoon with more details.

Call Plains Commerce Bank today. 605.330.0133 by 7:00 p.m. Monday evening, or apply on-line at