A glare on the the lesser-traveled roads this morning once again indicate icy conditions. Temperatures will remain in the low 30's and not expecting to budge much throughout the day. At least we're not dealing with the heavy fog again.

Interstate travelers will find slightly better conditions than Monday morning. Early morning reports state I-29 south of Sioux Falls were wet.

Our early morning Facebook fans weighed in, too:

Andrew Otten Roads are worse north of Dells and nasty toward Madison
  • Kristi Nogelmeier Highway 19 & 42 from Parker to SF were good. Thanks for playing Blake and Miranda you made my day!
  • Brittany Utley Brookings got a little bit of snow. Interstate are scatter wet/snow.
Other tips include staying on main roads where traffic is heavier.
Some of the snow totals from northern South Dakota were impressive.
Faulkton 8"
Aberdeen 8"
Sisseton 5"
Redfield 5"

We'll have more updates throughout the morning so until then, slow down,  watch for black ice, and drive safe.