Really!  A woman in France can give you back that smell of a loved one.

If you have ever told someone you love their smell you're not alone.  And evidently that smell can live on forever.

Katia Apalategui has created a new process that takes someone's body odor and turns it into a perfume. You just send in a piece of the person's clothing and her lab extracts the molecules that make up their scent.  Then they distill it into a perfume.

It's not cheap.  It'll set you back around $600. . . . But it just might be worth it.  A lot of studies have found that there's a very strong link between our smells and our memories so this could be the best way to reminisce.

The service is going to officially launch in September.

Who's scent do you prefer and would you go to the expense of creating it into a perfume?