I know it's early. We're only on March, the third month of the year. but I have a feeling about this one. Miranda Lambert's new song, Automatic.

Miranda co-wrote the song with Nicolle Gaylon who appeared on the voice and Natalie Hemby. Hemby is a genius herself when it comes to spinning gold with a paper and pen and writing songs. Drinks After Work for Toby Keith,  Pontoon and Tornado for Little Big Town and she's co-written Baggage Claim, Only Prettier, White Liar and others.

You have to hand it to Miranda, and Blake Shelton for that matter. They 'get it.' Sure, they'll ride the tan legs and beer party truck with the best of Nashville, but they have a keen awareness that always brings them back to what country music is all about. The Story.

I'm not knocking today's Country Sound. It's morphing and changing every day. You certainly can hear the influence of growing up in the 70's and 80's. Country Music's stars play 'what they know, and play what they love.'

I have to say though, in the world of 'tell me a story, sing me a song...Miranda Lambert is on track with Automatic. Watch the awards shows this fall and next year. You'll see.

Want a sneak peak at the video? Here it is!