It's kind of starting to look like national media has started a firestorm for Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton.  If you thought we were through the 'rough patches,' you're sadly mistaken.

Earlier this week there were rumors that Blake had cheated on Miranda with aspiring musician Cady Groves.  Rumors denied, move on.  Also this week,  Blake and Miranda playfully explained how they tweet each other while they are in their own bed at home. Again, funny stuff.  Innocent stuff.  Stuff people do.

Here's where it gets interesting though.  Now we year word that Miranda allegedly threatened a store owner in their hometown March 21, 2013.  Here's what said in their blog yesterday.

If you’ve ever listened to Miranda Lambert’s hit song, Gunpowder and Lead, then like us, you get the idea that Miranda Lambert is a take no-nonsense kind of gal. But would she seriously threaten someone? We highly doubt it, but that’s what one Oklahoma woman is accusing Lambert of doing.

Melanie Peden is the owner of an Oklahoma business just a few doors down from Lambert’s very own boutique, and she claims that she was threatened by Miranda – over a piece of property! Apparently, when Peden purchased the property, Lambert was also interested in it, and Peden says that Miranda accused of her “stealing” the property from her.

But it gets worse, as Peden explained: “She had a complete meltdown and threatened to ‘punch me in the mouth’ if I kept talking.” Mind you, this is all according to The National Enquirer, so who knows how much truth this story really holds. Peden went on to tell the gossip magazine of Lambert’s behavior: “I was stunned and a little bit scared too, because she was growling and yelling at me like a crazy lady. She’s got a real anger problem and needs help. But I stood my ground and asked her to leave my store.”

According to reports, police are currently investigating these claims. No comments have been made by Lambert or her reps.

It sounds like a 'load of lard to me.'  But this being a celebrity thing is kind of a delicate ride.  People like Blake and Miranda (and all country stars or celebrities) start out trying to get public attention.  They work their Twitter and Facebook accounts till their fingers bleed, acquiring fans and attention and then somewhere, when they get so big things can start spinning out of control.

I'm going with the thought that their marriage is OK.  I'm going with the thought that this gal in Miranda's home town thought she might ride that wave of negative stuff floating around the internet and get her two cents in.

That being said, Blake and Miranda, 'your sure fun to follow.'