Kindergarten for this adorable little guy includes writing, colors, art, 2 + 2, and running a town. He's the mayor so don't mess with him.

We'd like you to meet Robert Tufts, the current mayor of Dorset, Minnesota, who was elected to office at just four-years-old. The town has only 22 people, and chooses its mayor by picking a name out of a hat.

What is Robert's political agenda? Based on the video, holding sticks, riding coin operated horses, and going fishing. Sounds about right.

And he's not ashamed to talk about his love life. He says he has just one girlfriend for now--a girl named Sophia. It's unclear whether the town's first lady knows that she's captured the mayor's heart.

Campaigns for mayor don't cost much in Dorset--just $1 will get your name in the hat.

This isn't the first time the town of Dorset, located near Park Rapids, has elected a youngster. The post had previously been held by a 5 year old.

source: The Frisky