It's a "win-win situation" for all involved.  If you love Sunday Night Football, NFL players like Clay Matthews, Philip Rivers, DeMarcus Ware and Colin Kaepernick, and Grammy Award Winner Carrie Underwood, the wait is almost over.

The first regular season NFL football game for the 2014-2015 season is scheduled for Thursday, September 4th, and Carrie Underwood's return to the NFL with the game introduction ‘Waiting All Day for Sunday Night’ is set for Sunday, September 7th.  Oh, and I should mention that the first Sunday night NFL  football game is also that night, with the Seattle Seahawks taking on the Green Bay Packers.

This is Underwood's second year of being the voice of the song that intros the Sunday Night Football game.

The wait is close to being over!  Here's a behind-the-scenes look at Underwood, the NFL players and everything that went into the filming of ‘Waiting All Day for Sunday Night’.