Many of you walked the dog this morning.  Maybe you were out for a run with your dog, like I was earlier with 'Molly' the black lab.  Dogs rock.

One of the things I remember my Grandpa always saying, and my Uncle Ron too, is that sometimes loosing a dog hurts more than losing someone you know.

They are a part of the family.  Especially when you have them in the house and are around them a lot.

An Indiana film-maker captured the moment the family dog, Griffey, was put to sleep after he developed tumors and was struggling to stand up.

I thought this piece was very well done. If you've ever owned a dog and have had to put one down because of poor health after a long life, you know how hard it can be.

Here's to dogs.  Happy dogs.  Well cared for dogs.

If that bummed you out...this will cheer you up!