My 6 year old son came home from school yesterday with a homework assignment: Find a product for Show n' Tell that has a 'Made in the USA' tag on it. "Well, that shouldn't be too tough" I thought, as I was preparing dinner for the family.

I was wrong.

We went to his bedroom and started to inspect tags. Here's what we found:

On his stuffed animals: 'Made in China'

On his remote control car and truck: 'Made in China'

On his basketball: 'Made in China'

On his Nintendo DS3: 'Made in China'

On his dinosaurs: 'Made in Taiwan'

On his 'Avengers' pillow case: 'Made in China'

On his baseball glove: 'Made in China' (Seriously? What's more American than baseball?)

It was frustrating. From high school civics classes I remember learning about the DNP and the GNP (domestic and gross national products) and the importance of importing and exporting but it was maddening to learn that 80% of toys were made in China.

Thank you, Tonka, for saving the day. The great and durable Tonka truck is still made in the USA. The Mighty Tonka truck could take a beating, too.

Buying toys made in America supports American toy companies and provides valuable jobs. Keep America strong and healthy by using this U.S. toy directory to find and buy Toys Made in USA.

It is certainly a wake up call. With a 7.8% unemployment in the United States it's a call to action.

Mission 2013: Buy local and American made products.

By the way, our game of 'Mexican Train' was made in the U.S.A.. Go figure.

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