f you've followed this blog for long, you know that JD Collins, (that's me) likes to stumble around.  And if you stumble around long enough your likely to come across some crazy stuff.  This qualifies.  It's crazy. It's an Associated Press story out of Montana.

BUTTE, Mont. | So the goat that walked into a Montana bar last weekend ... was stolen from a petting zoo.

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort general manager Steve Luebeck says staffers knew the goat was missing but didn't realize it had been stolen until they saw a story in The Montana Standard on Wednesday reporting that a goat had been taken into a Butte bar early Sunday.

The pygmy goat named Shirley was returned to the resort's petting zoo.

Luebeck tells The Standard (http://bit.ly/11rcGB5 ) he has never had an animal stolen from the zoo, which has goats and miniature horses. He says zoo managers would like to know who took the animal so they can press charges.


I'm happy to hear the the goat wound up safe and sound and back at the petting zoo.  But I can't help but wonder if there isn't a 'joke' here that I'm missing. It would start like this:

It was late one Saturday night when a 'goat walked into the bar.'