What a morning.  Before the sun came up in Sioux Falls we had a nearly full moon and a beautiful clear sky.  We were all settled in to the studios here at Kickin' Country, then things got busy. Things started happening all around us we didn't even know about.

On my way to the car after filling in for Dan I noticed a couple guys in the parking lot here at Kickin' Country taking pictures of the roof of the building.  Yep, down below these three 'parked on top geese' we were making beautiful radio this morning.  While we were playing Kickin' Country and working on stories for KIKN.com they were up there.  Sitting. Watching. Honking.  Probably wondering what to do next.

It's no wonder that the city of Sioux Falls is concerned with the number of geese in Sioux Falls.  They seem to be everywhere. And it's not just in town.  This past weekend we made a road trip to Mitchell to meet family.  On the way over and way back there were hoards of geese out in fields and flying around. The way it looked Sunday, the State of South Dakota could have set up regulations for pass shooting in the interstate ditches and we would have had a new revenue stream pouring into the state.

Then the other night, I'm watching Jay Trobec on Keloland TV showing the geese.  On radar.  They claimed the geese were flying north and the snow was coming from the south.  I was thinking more along the lines of, the geese realized it was still to cold to fly north and were in a holding pattern above the James River Valley.

Now, I'm not going to say whether or not I had a shotgun in the trunk of my car but thought for a moment if I did that might have been a good way to get a little publicity for Kickin' Country this morning.  I thought about it a bit.  Then decided  I'd write a story about it instead.  Look at those Honkers!

How about you.  Lot's of geese flying around your neck of the neighborhood?