When the boys from Rascal Flatts came down with the flu before their Sioux City show this past January there were a lot of disappointed fans.  I for one was kind of pumped cause I had a previous engagement and wouldn't  have been able to get to the show.  Now I'll be able to August.

Today while I was surfing around I found a video that reminds me why I like going to live shows or live events.  You never know what your going to see during intermission or the breaks in the action.

Take for instance the little dance this little guy got caught doing in Pikeville Kentucky.  He got caught dancing to  LMFAO's Sexy and I Know it.  Check it out.  The crowd loved the dance. I got quite a chuckle from the dance too.  And it pumped me up to see Rascal Flatts when they come to Sioux City!