When you work in radio, there are a few days you never forget.  I had a day like that last September.  It was a Saturday or Sunday and I was headed to the South Dakota State Fair in Huron.  As is the case most of the time, I was headed to an event by myself.  I really don't mind.  Time on the road gives me a chance to reflect and listen to Kickin' Country the way our listeners listen.

I remember, it was a nice hot day.  Seems like we had a ton of those kinds of days last year.  I had talked a couple of times with Janelle who is a great country music fan and great listener to Kickin' Country.  We had been texting back and forth that week about some pretty big 'life events' that had been going on in her world.

We got to the fairgrounds, and the show went off without a hitch.  One of the awesome things about the fair last summer was actually getting to meet Lee Brice.  I had been looking forward to meeting him for sometime.  I'm fascinated with the songwriting part of country music and Lee Brice is really one of the 'special writers' that we have today.

I remember the ride up to Huron because I had a copy of Lee's Album 'Hard 2 Love' and a copy of Chris Young's latest album too. I was amazed at both of the albums and was looking forward to seeing the show!

Finally, I got a chance to meet Lee Brice.  I had one back stage pass left and knew that Janelle, a Kickin' Country listener had lost her brother earlier in the year.  She had mentioned that she would like to meet Lee as well. I thought, 'I'll just give it to her.'

Long story short, I'm glad I did.  I met Lee and he told me how she had met a listener of ours.  And he also said that 'Truck' was going to be the next single off the album.  He also mentioned Janelle and how he was going to do the song for her at the concert later.

Folks, Lee is a 'good one.'  Great song writer, and a real cool guy too.  You can tell he's just going to blow the lid off country music.  Chris Young didn't disappoint,, it was just one of those evenings I caught Lee Brice on the right night.

Then today, I'm checking out the charts.  It sure took a long time, but 'I Drive Your Truck' is the number one song in country music today.

Congratulations Lee...and thanks for making a great song, a memorable song.