We wanted to re-post a story that we had ran November 29th, 2012.  It was such a great story we wanted to give you one more chance to see it in case you missed it.

We've been teaming up with Manley Tire and Oil and Bridgestone/Firestone to give you a chance to win 'Tires for Your Ride'.  Listeners are sending in pictures of their successful deer or pheasant hunt.  Some are even sending stories of their hunt.  That's ok too!  We are getting some great pictures and we are getting some awesome - made for Outdoor Life stories too.  We wanted to share one of those with you.  Check this story out from a listener by the name of Gregory!

This year’s opening season was a very special weekend for me. My girlfriend, Lindsey Baker, was drawn for her first buck tag for Sully County in South Dakota. Unfortunately I did not draw a buck tag this year, but this did not bother me, as I was so excited for my girlfriend.


As we approached the second field of the morning, I knew that she was going to get her buck. Although she was very excited to be out hunting that morning, little did she know I had a huge surprise waiting for her.

We tracked down a group of deer, which contained a nice mule buck. As she unloaded shots, Lindsey was super excited to see her first buck go down. I told her that I would go check to see if it was dead, so she wouldn’t be sad if it was still alive. As I took off, I couldn’t help to think about how my life was about to change.


I eventually got to the buck, and waved Lindsey down. As she approached the deer, I couldn’t help notice the big smile on her face. She finally got the buck and right away she noticed a diamond ring hanging from the antler of her first ever kill. Before I could even get down to one knee, she tackled me to the ground with excitement. She couldn’t believe that this moment was happening and tears filled her eyes. Not only was I asking my best friend to be in my life forever, I was also remembering one of the greatest men I have ever known. My dad‘s one year anniversary of him being gone due to a short fight with lung cancer was this day. We both couldn’t deny the love we were feeling from him in that very moment.


Lindsey did say yes, and we both were so surprised and happy. As things settled down, I finally got around to tagging her buck. This is when I realized that her tag read “any whitetail” not “any deer”, which we thought it read. This is the moment when I realized that we needed to put the celebration on hold and figure out what we were going to do.


We called the game warden right away and explained what happen. I guess I was just so excited for her to shoot a buck for the moment, I didn’t realize she was even shooting at the wrong one. The game warden understood, but also gave Lindsey a warning and explained what she had done.


Even though our big day had a small detour in it, it was a memory that we will never forget. It was one of the greatest days in the fact that I got to witness Lindsey’s first deer, but also to be asking her hand in marriage. We both decided shortly after that we were going to mount the buck and have it hanging at our head table during our wedding.


We recently booked our wedding for Labor Day weekend 2013.

Awesome story don't you think?!  If you have any interesting 'hunting, or engagement stories,' we'd love to hear them.

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