By now you probably know that we've already started our year long celebration of being around for 20 years!  That's right!  Kickin' Country will turn 20 years old in October.  That got me thinking about all the technological things that have changed in those 20 years.  It also gave me a great idea of how I can demonstrate some of 'yesterday' using today's technology.

You also know that I have a great relationship going with Norvo, Nick and the crew at the Sioux Falls Sprint stores.  I've been using the Samsung Galaxy S3.  It's a computer.  It's a camcorder, it's a camera oh, and yes it's a great sounding phone too!  The reason I bring that up?  I'm going to use the S3 to bring you a 'history' of Kickin' Country turning 20 years old...through the course of the year.

To start, there is a beautiful piece of leather work that hangs in my office.  I believe it was made by the first Program Director of Kickin' Country, Gary Michaels. I haven't spoken with Gary for 17 years, maybe he'll surface after seeing this!

I bring it up, cause in 20 years, Kickin' Country has changed it's logo one time.  In this world of consultants and 'great ideas,'  We've changed our logo one time!  I don't know who our original 'voice guy' was that supplied the signature voice for the station, but I know that Steve Wood has been our man since I can remember!

Why would I tell you this?  Why would I bring up the singular old Logo? Because with Kickin' Country it has worked and it does work.

Pic By Sprint Sioux Falls

Since we switched the logo to Today's Best Country that's what we've done.  We figure when you do things right the first time, you don't have to keep changing things.

Coming soon, something that's as well known to Kickin' Country as our Logo.  You know it.  You can sing it.  We'll talk about that next!