Kenny Chesney is wrapping up one of the busiest and most successful years in his illustrious career.  He's sold out STADIUM shows all over the United States this year.  Launched a new line of Rum (Blue Chair Bay Rum) and more.

Now the singer/songwriter/superstar is going to do something he's not too familiar with, take a break.

According to, Kenny Chesney stated,

"I love the band, the crew, the whole team and it's weird to not be looking at next year's stage design, but I shouldn't make albums to service the tour. So I'm going to put the music first, dial it back and do the strangest thing in the world: not hit the road next summer."

Out of anyone in the world that deserves a little 'beach time,' or down time it's probably Kenny. Enjoy your time off.  Just come back soon!