Kellie Pickler continues to wow the judges and the audience each week on Dancing With The Stars.  But while her performances may look effortless for her, she says it's very strenuous to get ready for a new show each week.  She's loving every minute of it.

"It's been so much fun," she tells Country Weekly. "But we rehearse every day and it's very grueling. We have no say over our dance style; they tell us each week what we'll be dancing next. They give us the music and Derek creates the choreography based on the music. All the professional dancers have been dancing their whole life. They're trying to teach us everything they know in a week, which is impossible! But I think that's the thing that makes the show so great, watching everybody learn and struggle through it, and then get out there and do it anyway."

Pickler relies on the skills that she learned in school to help her remember the moves.  She was a cheerleader in seventh grade and also her sophomore and junior year of high school.

She also says she is thankful to have Wynonna Judd on the show.  "I'm so glad I have another country girl out here," the 26-year-old gushes. "She's country royalty. She is someone that I admire and I look up to as well. She has an incredible story and is such a strong woman. I think she represents the women in country music and women in general. And she's so funny."