Wow, Jerry Jones is taking a lot of heat!  For the phone he uses!

We noticed this earlier today that there was a photo trending that 'Jerry Jones' owner of the Dallas Cowboys and owner of Billions of Dollars was still using a flip phone.  You might say it's set the world of 'techno-geeks' on fast forward high gear crazy.

Many are wondering why a man of Jones' stature would still be using a flip phone.  I on the other hand say why not.

Here's a guy that looks good nursing a gin and tonic at a Cowboy's game instead of thumbing up a list of e-mails or working through Facebook and Twitter.

Face it.  If you had all that cash, you'd have someone else running a smart phone for you.  You'd be paying someone to drive your car and take your calls and let you know if something real interesting was going on.

Maybe that's his wife hotline!

I think it's pretty cool when people still carry old phones.  Mikey, our Engineer here at the station still uses a flip phone.  It's so full of messages that he just checks and calls you back when he has a minute.

It kind of makes you wonder if people who still carry flip phones are smarter than those carrying the new smart phones.

Maybe not.

What about you.  If you had a gazillion dollars like Jerry Jones, would you carry a flip phone?

Hell, if I had that much cash...I'd carry one of those Bag Phones.  Might even consider a rotary dial model.

I do enjoy using the Samsung Galaxy S4 Courtesy of Sprint Sioux Falls.